P Jose Pallanes

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I'm Jose Jesus Pallanes Jr. I grew up in Tucson, AZ. I wasn't saved my whole life or wasn't a church baby. I grew up like most kids in the world. Tucson is a small town so I wasn't into anything big. Though I did go through my share of trouble making. Later on down the line I got saved. VERY unexpected too. I was working at Burger King and my dad called me from prison on my cell. I was busy making orders when he asked me to say something with him, a prayer. I didn't think much of it. I took it as an opportunity to take a little break from work. So i went in the bathroom ans said the sinners prayer and went on my way. That's when i was saved. Later on down the line i meet up with some friends who had this passion for Jesus. At the time i didn't have that strong a passion or any passion at all towards making music for the King but as i hung out with them that fire grew and then I meet my spiritual father Pastor Isaac Williams. Now I'm moving 110% moving for Jesus. Our Goal: TO BRING JESUS BACK!!!!!